10 thoughts on “Fireworks today are a go!!!!

  1. This was very disappointing. It is repeatedly stated that the fireworks are a go on many Harvard outlets. Although we are glad those that were there had a good time and beat the weather, we and many many other did not get to see the fireworks. Many town residents were waiting until the last minute to avoid getting soaked. The decision was made to have them early. All be it a good decision, this fact was never announced ANYWHERE!!!!!

    1. “Great call on starting the fireworks a bit early with the rain coming in. Parking lot was very smooth with minimal exit time, and the police did an outstanding job of traffic management to get us all out of there quickly and safely. Music, food, etc., were all well executed. Thanks to all involved who made it a great event despite some mildly uncooperative weather.”
      Somebody on Nextdoor Harvard.

  2. the weather channel and wcvb are calling for a tornado watch until 10pm tonight
    still setting off the fireworks?

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